Summer Term Teachers

Dear all,

I will be on maternity-leave for at least the Summer Term. But fear not! All classes will be covered by the brilliant team of teachers:



Josianne: “During treatment for a seized shoulder, an osteophath recommended I find a yoga class to “improve shoulder flexibility and strength.” And so began my 12 years of weekly yoga classes, first with Richard Beggs and now with Hilly Kemp in Malvern. I quickly learnt that yoga is a lot more than sitting cross-legged on the floor and chanting OM! As a runner I originally enjoyed my yoga as a cross-training element of fitness and over the years have become more interested in the restorative benefits that encourage deep relaxation and strength within all aspects of my practice. I’m currently enrolled on Hilly’s Deepening Yoga course and learning more about the philosophy of yoga with a chance to explore asana in more detail. During 2016 I’m attending the Yoga Alliance Professionals Teacher Training course with Claire Murphy at Santosha Studio in Chippenham.”

As requested by students Josianne will be leading the Monday and Tuesday evening sessions

Pam: Pam has been practicing yoga for decades. In Dublin she taught both Iyengar Yoga and Bikram Yoga for some time and these days is an enthusiastic yogi in our Tuesday morning group.

Pam will be leading the Tuesday morning sessions


IMG_2363Tonia: “I have been practicing yoga, on and off, for nearly twenty years. I have always enjoyed it and felt the benefit but especially so since having a family. I find yoga helps me manage stress and always positively effects my mood. Yoga has a particular resonance for me as a Physical Therapist. Not only does it help my body deal with the rigours of helping other people’s bodies but I also find the postures and teachings a great resource which I can hand on to the people I see in my practice.”

By popular demand Tonia will be leading the Wednesday morning session


Prabhakara: PB is my partner and has only recently moved to Malvern for us to set up home and have a baby! He is a senior level Iyengar Yoga teacher who has been practicing since 1988 and teaching since 1999. Prabhakara usually teaches at Birmingham Yoga Studio, the studio he created as part of the Birmingham Buddhist Centre. He has regularly taught popular workshops for us here in Malvern and is keen to do more teaching in Malvern now that he is living here.

PB will be teaching the Thursday evening class