The year 2020 will be one we are not likely to forget yet amongst the lockdowns, restrictions and precautions I have found many things to be absolutely grateful for.

  1. My family – Mother Nature seemed to be smiling on us, granting us the beauty of an abundantly warm and luscious Spring, Summer and Autumn. This afforded me, hubby and 4yr old to visit my local mum for long walks exploring new and exciting pathways punctuated with snack breaks and basking in the sun.
  2. Yoga Nidra – The break to “normality” allowed me to enrol on a year long Total Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator Training. This involves lots of practise and so mid-morning, lunchtime, mid afternoon or evening times I will take myself off to lie down and listen to a guided relaxation…. My day would seem to be re-set, balanced and a new sense of calm would pervade.
  3. Online Yoga – I never would have thought that I would be a fan yet here at the end of 2020 I can sincerely report the benefits of attending and teaching yoga classes through my computer. I am lucky enough to live with one of my yoga teachers but others live in Wiltshire, Stroud and somewhere in the USA (I don’t even know where as it is completely irrelevant to me studying with her!). I am so very pleased to be able to attend my weekly class without having to drive an hour and a half down the motorway. Teaching online has been a steep learning curve and I still have very little interest in the technicalities that make it possible yet to connect with all the wonderful yogis who show up week on week and dedicate themselves to the wonders of yoga is humbling to say the least.
  4. Outside Yoga – Again The Great Mother Earth shines beauty and blue skies upon us, even at the most unlikely moments. And when it rains, we find shelter and it feels fun and childlike.
  5. Face-to-face Yoga – Who knew how very privileged and profoundly heartfelt this would feel.
  6. Mother Earth Herself – A realisation that we cannot go on in this blind way any longer. Climate change, plastic pollution and carbon emissions have all increased exponentially in my lifetime. This is not cool. We have known these things are problems since my childhood and yet we have still strived for more and more. This is a wake-up call. A new way of being, in harmony with our fellow travellers and with all Nature is needed NOW. Thank-you Great Mother. Now let us to live in a different way.

I hope you too have many things to be grateful for. Any intention setting for 2021 will be more potent in a heart filled with love and thankfulness.

Om Namah Shivaya Guruve

– I honour the great teacher found both within and without.

Jagadambe Mata Ki Jai

– She who’s body is the Earth I honour