Spring Term Dates and a Change to the Timetable

Next term’s dates look like this:

Wed 4th Jan –  Thurs 13th April 2017

Half Term with no classes Tues 21st – Fri 24th Feb


That’s a total of:
14 weeks

Term cost is:
£98 please
£150 for 2 classes per week or pay £5 on the day for extra classes


£9 drop-in


The Change: I am returning to a fuller timetable of teaching and so in the new year Monday evening at County Hall, Wednesday morning at Malvern Vale and Thursday evening at Friends’ Meeting House will have their practice, once again, with me. That leaves the Tuesday evening class at The Wyche. After much deliberation, and due to lack of immediate family childcare and the reluctance to be absent another bedtime each week, I have decided to pass the Tuesday evening teaching baton on to Josianne Martin. Josianne has been looking after this class throughout my maternity leave but as of the new year the class will be run by her on a permanent basis. In the spirit of collaboration we would like to keep the system whereby if you miss a class you can make it up at any other class during the term and we will spread this over both our classes. So, for example if you miss your Tuesday evening session with Josianne you can come to my Thursday evening session, or any other class and vice versa.