Thai Yoga Massage

I recently wrote an article for the Malvern Hillistic Magazine, it went a little something like this…..


Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage

I have been in love with the practice of yoga for nearly 22 years. From my first class I was hooked. I have studied and practised many different so-called “styles” of yoga over these twenty odd years, yet I still stick to the premise that there is only ONE yoga. That one yoga is both the journey towards and the final destination of complete absorption and unity with all things at all times (no small thing!)

Recently I have qualified, from the Paadena School in Suckley, as a Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) Therapist. TYM is a non-diagnostic therapy that stimulates the lines of energy and pressure points of the body and manipulates the receiver into appropriate yoga postures. This results in the release of toxins and blockages, inducing the state of ‘rest and digest’. A typical Thai Yoga Massage Therapy will last 2 hours.

I am particularly drawn to TYM as, of course, the yoga-type moves and stretches are familiar to me. I have always known how good these poses feel to practise, and how profound their benefits are. I have taught yoga for nearly 15 years to many different body sizes and shapes with a whole spectrum of abilities. To now use these poses in a massage feels reassuring, nurturing and, as I know from experience, to be of benefit to the receiver. 

Both yoga and TYM work to allow the body’s vital force to flow freely and unimpeded by blockages or depletion. In yoga we call this life-force ‘prana’ and everything we practise goes towards balancing and enhancing this energetic flow. TYM works to the same aims by palming and thumbing the ‘sen’/energetic lines to release blockages and stagnation, and by pressing and stretching muscles to make them more receptive to this flow. This could be done with the receiver lying on their back, front or side, sometimes seated (in a chair if necessary), or whilst being carefully taken into an appropriate yoga type pose. Usually the giver and receiver build a relationship during the massage whereby the breath becomes in tune with each others. Quite often I want to help the receiver lengthen their breath, and the awareness of my breath can often, I find, help with this.

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Hilly Hannken

Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage

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