Yoga Nidra

Covid 19: 

A huge thank you to all NHS and other frontline staff. Those who are putting themselves at risk to support the rest of us are true heroes and my heartfelt gratitude to you all.

At this moment many of us find ourselves slowing down, becoming quiet and uncovering spaciousness. To support this I hope to offer regular Yoga Nidra recordings.

Yoga Nidra is the conscious sleep of the yogis. It is a guided relaxation, and more. The practise is best done lying on your back with a small cushion under the head and possibly a bolster/rolled blanket/cushions under the back of the knees. These supports help the pelvis to settle and to relieve and lower back niggles. However the practise can be done lying or seated in any position and so if you are more comfortable in another position please take that one. You may like to cover yourself with a blanket for an added sense of security and warmth. During the relaxation know that it is perfectly permitted to move if needs be, try to do this mindfully, think, “Ok, I want to move,” give it a moment and see if you still feel you want to move after a moment or two, the sensation will often pass but if you find you still want to move then do. This said, during the practise we do seek perfect stillness.

Allow the body, breath and mind a few moments to settle first and then press play.

I hope you enjoy the guided relaxation,

With love,



Bihar School of Yoga Nidra

Bihar School of Yoga Nidra